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NFC East Season Betting Outlook

NFC East Season Betting Outlook

Typically, the NFC East is the toughest division to predict because it is normal that every
team is mediocre or average to above average at best. Although that may be true this year, I
would say that there is a clear difference between the top and bottom two of this division. Since
2016, the winner of the division has been the Cowboys or the Eagles every year except for the
2020 COVID-19 infested season. History would also tell us that there hasn’t been a repeat
division winner in the NFC East since ’03-’04 (Philadelphia Eagles, who also won the division in
’01 & ’02). In that case, I’m thinking it is most likely that Philadelphia will win the division.

Despite all of that, football isn’t a game based on history. This year, I’m sure that
Washington (now the “Commanders”) and New York will not be in the top two of the division.
On top of that, I LOVE that this bet is plus money.

In terms of the Cowboys, Zeke Elliott played all of last season with a partially torn PCL.
Getting him back healthy this season will certainly help and with his increase in age Tony
Pollard is a nice second option for Dallas. Their defense is improving, and under year two with
Dan Quinn you should expect a jump from Dallas’ defense. All of that said, there should be no
problem for the Cowboys finishing in the top two of the NFC East.

In terms of Philadelphia, the Eagles have had one of the best off seasons in the NFL.
They acquired AJ Brown in a trade with the Titans, and they greatly improved their defense in
the draft (Jordan Davis and Nakobe Dean). Philly was already a playoff team last year with head

man Nick Sirianni in charge, so it should be no issue for them to be one of the top two teams in
the NFC East.


This means that I am betting on the Cowboys and Eagles to be in the top two division in
either order. So, if the Cowboys win the division and the Eagles come in second place I win. If
the Eagles win the division and the Cowboys come in second place I win. The only way this bet
loses is if either the New York Giants or the Washington Commanders finish in the top two of
their division.


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