Khris middleton steps up for a big win

By: Anthony Krenek

Wow! Khris Middleton stepped up huge in the Bucks game against the Suns. He dropped 44 points, eight rebounds, and five assists in the Bucks big win against the Suns. Middleton played 36 minutes, which was the second most on the Bucks, behind Jrue Holiday. Middleton shot 59 percent from the field, going 16/27, and went five for nine from the three point line. Also, Middleton shot perfect from the charity stripe going seven for seven. The Bucks won 132-122 against the Suns. Middleton has needed to take a bigger role this year. Middleton is averaging 19.7 points a game, 5.4 rebounds and 5.2 assists this season. Since the All Star Break the Bucks are four and one. In the past five games, Middleton is averaging 27.2 points, five rebounds and five assists. He is also shooting 50.5 percent from the field and 44.4 percent from the three point line as well.

 I have been saying this for a while now, but for the Bucks to repeat their success that they had last year, Middleton needs to step up. Giannis is a top two player in the league, but he cannot do it alone. Middleton needs to keep taking smarter shots and not try to force contested shots. I believe if Middleton keeps playing like this, the Bucks will dominate the Eastern Conference in April and in the playoffs. In the game, Giannis only played 31 minutes, which made Middleton step up and shine. By allowing Giannis to rest more during games, he is a force that nobody can stop. It was a great game, and the Bucks moved to 40 and 25 on the season. Hopefully Middleton can continue the hot streak that he is on, and it will continue the success of the Bucks winning games against good teams. The Bucks are on a four game winning streak, with those wins being against the Charlotte Hornets, Miami Heat, Chicago Bulls and the Phoenix Suns. The Bucks next test is against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Tuesday. 


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