Why The lakers are dog shit

By: Matthew Duesing

The Los Angeles Lakers are still awful. Don’t let last night fool you.

            Despite the heroic efforts of LeBron James’ 56-point performance last night to make the Lakers look like a formidable championship team, they’re still dog shit. If LeBron has to put on this type of performance to motivate the rest of the geriatric-like team to put in more than minimal effort, there’s a massive problem. And that’s exactly what the story of this year’s team is. If LeBron isn’t having a good game, the rest of the team doesn’t have a good game, and everyone is in a shitty mood. There’s an occasional boost of morale when players like Malik Monk or Austin Reaves go on a little stretch of highlight-worthy plays, but that’s few and far between. If the Lakers can’t figure out how to put in effort and have motivation to win a game when they have any sort of a deficit on the scoreboard, they won’t make it past the first round of the playoffs—if they even make it there.

            On top of this, it also doesn’t help that Russell Westbrook makes more than your entire town’s salaries combined to put up more turnovers than points. Not only does the team not making shots effect morale, but seeing Russell Westbrook on the court probably makes the others pissed off too. There’s no way the other players don’t have a separate group chat without Russ just to talk shit about him. I know LeBron isn’t happy every time he steps on the court knowing he has to drop 40+ to offset the amount of transition points the other team scores off of dumb turnovers and shots.

            The Lakers have a ton of problems. If they want to make a run in the playoffs, LeBron is going to have to turn into his 2013 or 2018 version of himself. Don’t ever count LeBron out of doing something historic, but Father Time is undefeated. Thanks guys.


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