Who Is Austin Hankwtiz?

Young entrepreneur and graduate from the University of Tennessee, Austin studied financial analysis and accounting, risk management, and equity research while at UT. Austin started working as the Treasurer of All Campus Events, the VP of Philanthropy for the Delta Kappa chapter of Beta Theta Pi, and a Resident Assistant outside of the classroom. In 2020, Hankwitz began making TikTok videos about short-form money management. He decided to leave his current job and pursue his videos full-time. He advises viewers about finding investment opportunities, analyzing SEC filings, accurately reading a balance sheet, and interpreting growth metrics. Currently, he spends his time creating content and mentoring creators in similar fields. He also advises Fintech start-ups backed by Y-Combinator, Forerunner Ventures, Norwest Ventures, and Upfront Ventures. These are ten facts about Austin Hankwitz that detail his success.

His primary source of inspiration is Gary Vaynerchuk, who is the chairman of VaynerX. Like Hankwitz, he revolutionized an industry. Vaynerchuk transitioned his father’s liquor store into one of the first wine e-commerce platforms during the mid-nineties. Throughout Hankwitz’s evolution, he has succeeded in finding new ideas to make products and ideas more accessible. He cautions investors about keeping the stocks they purchased and not selling because of a market fluctuation

American consumers shape successful stock investments. Hankwitz suggests being mindful about products you purchase every day. Additionally, look at the products people around you are purchasing. If you go to the store and notice an item is always out of stock, looking into it and buying stock may pay out in the long run since being sold out may indicate that the manufacturer is experiencing a demand or a supply shortage.


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