ITS BACK YALL!!!! @firehousesubs brought back the King’s Hawaiian Pork & Slaw Sandwich!! This Sammy was first introduced in 2012 before coming off the menu in 2015! It’s back for a limited time and ONYL in Nashville, Phoenix and Tucson locations. This sandwich is full of slow smoked pulled pork, melted pepper jack cheese, sweet and tangy slaw, sweet mustard sauce and mayo on a toasted King’s Hawaiian roll. SAY. NO. MORE. 😧🤤🥪

A little backstory on the heritage of @firehousesubs was The founders are the real deal with years of combined firefighting experience prior to opening the first Firehouse Subs restaurant in 1994. A portion of every sale at any Firehouse Subs in the US benefits Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation, Allowing the foundation to achieve its mission of providing lifesaving equipment, funding and education to first responders and Public Safety organizations across the country. This foundation was established in 2005 following the founders experience in Hurricane Katrina. The Foundation has granted more than $849,000 in the greater Nashville area since its inception!! That’s just amazing!!!! Nashville loves you, @firehousesubs  September 2nd, 2021 


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