Ross Chastain Victory

By: Andrew

Ross Chastain is an absolute maniac.  On the brink of elimination in the Round of 8 at Martinsville Speedway on Sunday afternoon, Chastain pulled off one of the craziest maneuvers in motorsports history, going full-send on the wall around turns 3 & 4 to gain five spots and secure his spot in this Sunday’s Championship race at Phoenix Raceway.

If you’ve ever played a NASCAR video game, you’ve probably done something like this – floored it in the corners and used other cars or the wall as bumpers as you go full-on battering-ram through traffic. But in reality, this never works in real life, because the cars incur far too much damage to continue the rest of the way at full speed. But on the last lap of a 500-mile race? With a spot in the Championship on the line? No better time to throw the Hail Mary. And Ross Chastain immaculately pulled it off. Check out this view from all angles.

Not only did Chastain pass five cars in just half of a lap, but he also set the Martinsville Speedway single lap record at 18.845 seconds.

I’m by no means a Ross Chastain fan, but you have to respect the hell out of this move. With nothing to lose and everything to gain, the dude just said YOLO and plowed around the final corners as hard as he could, and it somehow worked. 

NASCAR has – to this point – stated that the move was legal, but it’ll be interesting to see if this type of maneuver gets banned in the future as you could – and should – expect this type of photo finish in the future, especially early in the year when a win automatically qualifies a driver for the playoffs.

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