My Random College Football thoughts at this point of the season

By Dylan NeJaime

It’s been an interesting College football season up to this point, never would I have thought this is how the rankings would be after 9 weeks but here we are. Please never trust the AP poll to give you the correct rankings, people should know this by now. The voters are genuinely morons who go based off of history and not what happened week to week. Sometimes I think about how the BCS rankings would look right now and I don’t think Georgia would be at the top of the list. 1 and 2 would be Tennessee and Clemson just based on strength of schedule and notable wins. Both teams have 4 ranked wins, well Tennessee now 5 but you get what I’m saying. Yeah Georgia looks good, but they barely beat a Mizzou team who went to South Carolina this week and embarrassed them. The Dawgs beat a bad Florida team this week and the only notable win I give them is stomping out Oregon week 1. Bo Pix turned it around in Eugene and they’re back inside the top 10, they got a good team up there. But then again it’s the Pac 12 and they beat each other each week making everybody look like crap.

Alabama was on a bye this week, so they just got drilled to oblivion by Saban this week so they can beat Brian Kelly and LSU which really shouldn’t be that hard. I mean I think we can admit Jayden Daniels is not an SEC QB just like Anthony Richardson isn’t one either. Brian Kelly has the worst dance moves in the SEC and his QB just can’t make the right decision to save his life. Honestly if you took Will Rogers from Miss. State and made him LSU’s starter, they would probably be ranked in the top 10 right now.

The College Football Playoff rankings this week don’t matter, but If they don’t go 1. Tennessee 2. Georgia 3. Ohio St 4. Clemson, the guys voting on that also are as dumb as the ones in the Ap Poll. My Prediction for the Playoff at the end of the year is going to be 2 teams from the SEC probably Georgia and Tennessee unless Alabama wins the SEC chip otherwise it’ll be Alabama and whoever plays them in the SEC chip. The other team’s will be Ohio St or whoever wins the big 10. Lastly, it’ll be Clemson because they’re going to go undefeated and then lose in the first semifinal because everyone knows they can’t hang with any good team right now. Though a Tennessee V Clemson semifinal would be a great game to watch, Clemson has a great defense and playing against the Number 1 Scoring team in the country that game will honestly be electric.

Thank you for reading my rant.


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