why anthony “day To day” davis is a disgrace

By: Anthony Krenek


As an NBA fan, I strongly dislike Anthony Davis. Don’t get me wrong, when he is healthy he is a good player. The keyword is good, but not great. This guy is always hurt. I mean he gets an MCL sprain I swear every other week when he is playing. Anthony Day to Day Davis is on a two-year 85 million dollar deal. Davis thinks he did something when teaming up with LeBron in LA because he couldn’t do anything in New Orleans. In the past two seasons, he has played 73 games for the Lakers. My question is “Why is he made out of glass”? This is a question that I think about a lot. This season when playing which is rare he is averaging 23.1 points and 9.7 rebounds a game. That is good, but it doesn’t mean anything to me when you are getting hurt every game it seems. I hate when people try to compare Day to Day Davis to Giannis. Giannis is playing his heart out every game and is never hurt. I think that Day to Day Davis gets hurt so much because he is soft. It is a disgrace to not only the Los Angeles Lakers but to the NBA.

 Day to Day Davis used to have a strong fanbase, but now those numbers are dwindling more than my bank account after a weekend. In his time in NOLA the lowest number of games he played in a season was in 2018 when he played 56 games out of 82. Before 2018 he played in more than 60 games a very respectable year. Why all of a sudden is he missing more games than ever at the age of 28? I think it is because he thinks LeBron can carry them into the playoffs and then he can come in and get a ring. His only ring in 2020 in the bubble means nothing. It was the Mickey Mouse Bowl. Any chance that I get to rip on Day to Day Davis I will always take. I can’t respect this guy because he is always on the bench trying to look cool and act like he is doing something. You know what Day to Day Davis is: a cheerleader more than a basketball player. Go get some pom poms and a skirt because you are a CHEERLEADER. I hope he sees these articles because I am coming for you. YOU ARE A ICE SCULPTURE THAT WILL BREAK IF I LAY A FINGER ON YOU! The last thing I have to say is, will we see him play in the rest of the regular season? I would put the mortgage on the odds that we won’t. 

anthony day to davis

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