Andrew and Jamal are BACK for Episode 2 answering questions submitted by viewers that range from:

-Partying in Vegas

-Hooking up with Teachers

-Dating with Diabetes

-Do you lock your dog out of the room during sex? And MORE

Time Stamps:

1:24 Would you rather women to be career driven or be along for the ride:

3:33 Why do guys only like girls that are mean to them and not nice:

6:43 What really happened on that Vegas Trip:

31:15 What was your favorite date party in college:

38:27 Balancing Diabetes while Dating:

47:40 Would you have sex with the girl of your dreams but she holds a press conference


51:33 Have you ever hooked up with a teacher:

55:38 Have you ever been thrown out of a bar:

1:01:24 How far are you willing to drive for sex or to take a girl on a date:

1:08:22 Does it bother you if a girl makes more money than you:

1:12:33 Should you lock your dog out of the room when you’re having sex:




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