Andrew and Jamal answer questions submitted by viewers that range from: Dating, Meeting Aliens, Relationships, DMing girls, Turn On’s/Off’s in Girls and more!

Time Stamps:

2:56 Most outrageous place you hooked up with a girl or most memorable

7:50 What’s one thing a girl could do to make you immediately hate them

11:34 Would you rather get with a porn star or an amateur only fans model

17:15 Who would you choose to represent the human population if we were to send a representative to meet aliens

20:47 Pick one person to narrate a play by play of you hitting on her and then hooking up with her

24:20 Pull up your most cringe DM to a girl or pick up line

29:20 When does playing hard to get become overboard in the talking stage

38:12 What are red flags in a relationship or to look for

48:03 Biggest turn on’s in a girl… Physical and Emotional

56:07 Would you continue to pursue a relationship with a girl if she slept with you after the first date

1:04:50 How long should you wait until sex and how do you feel about sex before waiting

1:11:16 During the talking phase what are some turn off’s that the girl does

1:22:16 Does the way men are raised have an effect on the type of women you want to be with

1:26:55 Why is the effort lacking in dudes these days

1:34 15 Go into detail…. Do men really love the chase

1:40:04 Do guys think girls look hotter in sweats and no makeup or do guys just say that

1:45:35 Is it a turn off if girls do not know anything about sports


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