By: Dane H

The Philadelphia Eagles are close to repeating history as they are on the brink of tying
their team undefeated streak record set in 2004.
Nick Sirianni’s Eagles look to be the 38 th team in the super bowl era to start a season 7-0.
But Eagles fans are going to have to wait a bit longer before they can attempt to tie their record
against the Pittsburg Steelers on October 30 th as they enter an early season bye week. So, the
question is, will the birds only improve from their rest, or get a bit too comfortable during their
week rest.

Eagles records after the Bye Week
The Eagles are 6-4 after the bye week in the past 10 seasons. And 2-3 in their last 5,
meaning the eagles have had more losses after the bye in the past several years and has been a
trend as of late. However, the Eagles are going to be playing a currently less than average
Steelers team, who has yet to truly find their starting quarterback and a defense who has
struggled game after game this year. The yellow and blacks defense has been below average in
basically every defensive stat, being in the bottom 10 of most defensive stat lines.
The only thing that might be of concern to Eagles fans is how Jalen Hurts and the Eagles
offense has been simmering down from their boiling start to the season. Hurts has fallen out of
the top five for passing yards, A.J Brown has fallen out of the top five for receiving yards. While

Miles Sanders has still been producing similar numbers since the start of the season currently
fourth in the league for rushing yards.

So, the bye week might be a good thing for Hurts and Brown to take a step back and
readjust their game to get back on track for producing higher numbers like they were at the
beginning of the season. For their last game against in-division rival Dallas Cowboys was a
complete defensive clinic by the birds that helped propel them to their 26-17 victory. With the
Eagles defense putting in work, recording three interceptions in the game.
Looking into the future, I believe that the Eagles have a real shot at going 12-0 to start
the season. Looking at future opponents, its teams that currently have below or just above a
.500 record, I think that the Eagles could lose to the New York Giants if the giants stay as hot as
they are and considering how the Eagles seem to always lose to the Giants every season. But if
the Giants start to crumble in their next couple games I think the Eagles could go past 12-0.

Birds on the Bye

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