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By: Tres T

While no one could have predicted the first three seasons for Zion’s professional career, it’s safe to say the potential of what his brand could have earned him as a high school phenom turned Dukie turned NBA number one overall draft pick has been nowhere close at all.

He’s played just 85 total games through his Rookie and Sophomore professional seasons, including not tallying a single minute in the 2021-22 season, and often gets to reap the comparisons of the late Greg Oden. Although that comparison isn’t totally wrong, I do believe if he doesn’t learn to manage his weight, his NBA career wouldn’t be far off from that. Injuries that have led to missed games are starting to pile up for the young NBA star, and he needs to be doing everything he can to make this professional career last as long as he can.

With that being said, for the first time in months, it looks like Zion is finally back to working out and making his way back to the hardwood on his comeback from his foot injury. On Tuesday afternoon, a video was released of him throwing an oop off the backboard to himself, then catching it and taking it between the legs to slam it down inside the rim – of course, with the effort that looks like he could do it in his sleep. The freak, one-of-a-kind athlete could be so special at 100% healthy if he ever makes it back to that point. It’s very enticing to see that clip, giving many Zion-stans a dose of medicine for a few more months that will keep them very happy.

Although, with the news that came out from just last week, there are people inside the Pelican’s organization who don’t believe he will get to suit up this season and play at all. Even with his foot surgery going well, fans may not get to see him at all unless he finds a way to play a few meaningless minutes towards the end of the regular season and at that point, I wouldn’t rush him to do so.

Either way, things seem to be on pace for him to definitely return for the season opener next fall, and you can already expect ESPN to have cameras watching his every breaking move for when it does finally happen.

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