Fitness Intro

As a former Elite-Level football player I had competitive itch that could no longer be relieved like once before, so…. I decided to do more and explore the unknown… I searched for ways to challenge myself, while building a lifestyle grounded in continuous improvement. Along the journey, I have developed a strong passion for fitness. The benefits of being intentional with my fitness has impacted my total well-being immensely. My purpose for creating this page is for all members to enhance their total well-being through credible strategies and tips. Welcome to our community where we enable a culture of continuous improvement through exposure, knowledge, and best practice sharing.

1. Links for Workouts

a. Spartan Race (OCR)

i. One of the best Obstacle Course Racing companies, globally. b. Deka Fit x Deka Mile x Deka Strong

i. Functional Fitness competitions that is not exclusive to a specific athlete. The exercises are designed to be basic, simple and utilitarian. c. Hyrox

i. Fitness competition that consists of 8 rounds of a 1km run followed by 1 functional movement d. Running

i. This is my local run club. Find a running community near you e. LifeTime Fitness

i. This is my home-gym. A unique place that has reduced all failure-modes for why a person can’t join a gym, by vertically integrating all resources, functions and necessary support under one roof.

2. Workout of the Week

a. “Tap In – Not Out”

· Buy-In: 50 Burpee

· 1 Mile x 25 Burpees x 1 Mile

· Extraction: 25 Burpees

· Total Time: As Fast as Possible

3. (Replace Fitness Facts) with Kaizen

a. Create this as a community blog (Capturing IG/YT/Email comments and questions. Best-Practice Sharing)

b. Discussing how can we streamline improvement

4. Diet / Nutrition

a. Kaizen Pack: Insert my daily supplements

b. Daily Shake

5. Tutorials

a. Videos of my favorite movement’s w/ description

i. Pre-Workout

ii. Post Workout

iii. Abs x Core

6. Yoga x Meditation

a. Will discuss Vinyasa x Yin yoga x Breathing Exercises

b. In discussion with a yogi to lead weekly meditations

7. Events

a. 11/20 Hyrox- Maggitt


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