Growing up in the South with a father hailing from Nebraska, I gained a knowledge and respect of great football traditions all across the country. Nebraska football and my mental health are directly related. I also consider myself a diehard Tennessee Vol fan (Yes I’ve got 2 teams so sue me) and Tennessee Titan fan. One of my favorite aspects of sports is the atmosphere and the camaraderie that is created with fandom; whether it’s arguing with your buddies about next weekend’s game, having friends over for a watch party, or being on campus for gameday.

Will graduated from Lipscomb University in Nashville, TN with a marketing degree. Along with creating Paydirt Sports he is always eager to take on new opportunities in sports media.


Likes: Fullback dives, Pulling out the driver, Busch light, and Dua Lipa

Dislikes: Kevin Durant, Georgia Bulldogs, and skim milk


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