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            So far, the NFC East division has been nothing short of a shock to the football world and fans everywhere. Each team within the division has been full of surprises for the first five games this season in good ways and bad. From undefeated teams, backup quarterbacks and stellar defenses, shocking expectations, and failed new team additions, the NFC East has surprised us all.


            Most people know that the Eagles are the last remaining team in the NFL with a record of 5-0. Beating the Cardinals in the Arizona heat with a score of 20-17, the closest score the Eagles have faced since week one against the Detroit Lions. On the last drive of the game, the Cardinals were marching down the field quite easily and eventually got into field goal range, but due to high wind and having a third string kicker, the game tying kick was pushed, and the Eagles win streak continued.

            Before the season started, many thought Jalen Hurts and the Eagles were going to be a struggling team with an average to below average record. Even after the Eagles new additions to the team many thought they still wouldn’t produce as good as they have been. Although the Eagles have had one of the more “easier” schedules in the NFL they will have one of their first real challenges this Sunday against the red-hot Dallas Cowboys.


            The Cowboys lost their franchise quarterback Dak Prescott due to injury in week 1, and many believed the Cowboys would go downhill until Prescott’s return to the lineup. However, Cowboys backup QB Cooper Rush has been filling Prescott’s role great so far, as the Cowboys have yet to lose with Rush as the starting QB. He hasn’t put up legendary numbers, but he has been doing his part to help the team win games.

But Rush isn’t the main reason the Cowboys have been winning in Prescott’s absence. The Cowboys defense has been lethal this season thanks to Donovan Wilson keeping the pressure hot with 31 tackles in 5 games, Micha Parsons defensive intensity leading the team with six sacks. As well as Trevon Diggs locking down receivers with two interceptions, 15 tackles, and 14 pass defenses, making quarterbacks fear to throw to a receiver covered by Diggs.

The Cowboys will be playing during primetime against the undefeated Eagles, where a clash of offense and defense will ensue between the two teams. The Eagles’ offense has been lighting it up so far this season, and Dallas is the best defensive team the Eagles will play yet, if any team can halt the Eagles offense, it’s the Cowboys defense.


            Perhaps the biggest surprise of the NFL this season is the New York Giants and their current record of 4-1. Not even Giants fans would believe it if you told them before the season that they would be 4-1. The biggest shock of the season is their recent win of the Green Bay Packers that took place oversees in London.

            The Giants aren’t blowing teams out by any means necessary. Where in reality, they are barely beating their opponents. Their largest win differential in a game was only by 8 points against the Chicago Bears in week four.

            But the giants can thank Saquon Barkley for their wins. Currently, Barkley is second in the league for rushing yards at 533, only 60 yards shy of the first-place spot behind Nick Chubb. However, a good running back is not the only thing a team needs to win. You need a solid quarterback, star receivers, strong offensive line, high pressure defense and so on. Yet, the Giants don’t really have any of that. Daniel Jones isn’t playing great football in the slightest but is doing enough to win.  The giants don’t have a great O-line to protect Jones, and their defense is about as average as it gets. But the Giants are still winning games, so whatever they’re doing, its working.


            The NFC East is perhaps one of the best divisions in the NFL with the undefeated Eagles and two teams with a 4-1. There is only one thing that argues against the NFC East being the best division… and that’s the Washington Commanders and their lousy 1-4 record.

            Washington fans have been stuck in the mud for the several years for a multitude of reasons from head office, players, coaching staff, rebranding, and even their stadium falling apart. The Commanders have been holding their hand out waiting for something to pull them out of the mud.

            Washington thought signing Carson Wentz would be the rope to pull them out of the mud. When all he has done this season is just push them further down. Wentz isn’t the only reason Washington is bringing down the rest of the NFC East as Washington has many factors to blame besides Wentz who is currently top five in passing yards this season.

            Chase Young, Washingtons defensive star has been out since the beginning of the season with injury. Young, who has a big impact on the team as a game changer and overall leader, really does make a mark on the team during his absence as Washingtons defense has been struggling every game to hold their opponent to scoring, where the offense is also failing to seal the deal and score. Washington has been moving the ball ok down the field but when it comes to getting in the endzone is one of their biggest struggles this season.

            While the Eagles, Cowboys, and Giants succeeding each week, the Commanders have been failing at every turn since week one and hope to turn it around against a sub-par Chicago Bears.  


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