Hey everyone, my name is Grant Poarch and I am a Sophomore at UT majoring in Business Analytics with a minor in Journalism and Electronic Media. This spring, I plan on declaring a concentration in Supply Chain Management along with a second minor in Data Science.

              I currently live in Kennesaw, Georgia. Originally, I am from New Orleans, Louisiana. Obviously, that means I cheer hard for the Saints. Not gonna lie, it is pretty hard sometimes.

              Coming to Tennessee means that I am now a VFL, so cheering for teams that disappoint is no new thing for me.

              I am in Beta Theta Pi, and joining a fraternity was the best decision I have made since coming to college. Now that I am with SixPack Coverage as well, I am excited to see where this brotherhood can go. I enjoy all things sports, which is why I will be writing for the NFL for SixPack. I also enjoy the outdoors, being social, and the ‘occasional’ drink (apple juice of course because I’m only 20).

              My Teams: Vols (duh), Saints (NFL), Pelicans (NBA), Rays (MLB), Lightning (NHL), and Kyle “Rowdy” Busch (NASCAR, he’s been my boy since I was 5 because I liked that he drove the poptarts car. Fight me about it.)

              My Interests: Sports/sports betting, poker, chess, investing, having a good time anytime


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