Get to know Hazi

Hazi (pronounced Hah-zee) is a 23-year-old singer/songwriter from East Tennessee. His debut single ‘Road to Jericho’ was released on June 2nd. He made it to the top 40 of American Idol Season 20, but he doesn’t want that to define him. His storytelling abilities and soul-encapsulating voice tell a much better story. 

Hazi was a nickname given to him by his mother. Short for his original nickname, Jahaziel, it’s the name that laid the foundation of Hazi’s musical endeavors. He sings and writes about his experiences as a black man from the South, being homeless with his parents and four older siblings, and the pain he first felt for the loved ones of a soldier who didn’t return home. 

Hazi is using his time to observe his surroundings, and he’s turning those observations into art. He’s here to tell you what he’s seen and endured, all through his music.


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