Josh Ruiz


DJ & Producer

Nashville based DJ and producer Joshua Ruiz, is the name behind BøøM. Hailing from the Detroit area BøøM has spent over a decade performing and creating a wide variety of music including Electronic, Hip Hop, Pop, Latin,  and Country. Pulling inspiration from a plethora of different artists, BøøM’s “genre-bending” music style has allowed for limitless possibilities when it comes to venues and audiences as a musician.

 A self taught artist, Josh started his passion for music by learning to play the drums, guitar, and piano. As he grew, so did his talents as he began composing symphonies and music scores, and delving into music production and performing as DJ BøøM. 

As an open-format DJ and producer, BøøM has spread his passion and talent for music across Michigan, his home state, to Florida, and has recently made his way to the  music city, Nashville, Tennessee. Throughout the 10+ years in the industry BøøM has performed at venues and events such as  Breakaway Festival, Prime Music Festival, Top Rated Electronic Venue: Electricity, and Florida’s historic Ybor City. 

His mission as an artist is to showcase to every city he touches, the power of music and bringing people together. He has paved the way for music and nightlife in many cities where no-one believed there could be success for it. His dedication to high-quality and energetic performance, as well as his limitless flexibility as a “genre-bending” artist, set BøøM a step above the rest.

Currently, BøøM is working to make his mark on the city of Nashville as a DJ and producer.

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