Social Media Spotlight: 12/22/2021

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Serving you up one final collection of social media callouts before the end of the year. As a reminder – inclusions of Social Media Spotlights don’t necessarily receive my full ‘endorsement’ or complete analytical agreement. We are simply sharing information that hopefully aid your journey as a business person, market reader, and investor.

Let’s jump in!

Topics include:

  • Tax the rich?

  • Miami’s bitcoin mayor

  • The green energy transition

  • New major player enters the NFT space

  • Chainlink hype

  • Understanding the Fed’s moves

  • Rivian’s hilariously low revenue

  • College NIL deals

  • Airpods revenue

  • Spider-Man

Funny enough, I made a TikTok video breaking down exactly what Musk will pay in taxes. About an hour before posting it, he shot out this tweet (*face palm*). My math came out to about $11.4 billion in taxes – so it’s safe to say this checks out.

While I won’t be posting this video anymore, above is a helpful thread to understand what a CEO of Musk’s caliber goes through to exercise his trades.

Finally, I wanted to include this to address the “tax the rich” narrative. They’re taxed in the US as high as (if not higher than) anywhere in the world. They just aren’t always paying hundreds of millions or billions in taxes annually because that money isn’t yet entering their bank accounts / trusts / holding companies.

Is there a better mayor in the country?

As someone that’s never been overly invested in energy sectors, I’m making it a goal in 2022 to be more intentional about learning more. My hunch is that both private and public sector entities are jumping the gun on 100% electric energy initiatives — which can lead to a rough transition filled with unintended consequences.

Trust me, I’m all about the renewables. But, it seems a bit outlandish to label non-renewables as the devil.

As you may have seen in Tuesday’s post about Adidas and Nike entering the NFT / metaverse / Web 3.0 world – this space is accelerating quickly.

What an interesting opportunity here for Shopify (SHOP). My hunch is that more and more Shopify hosted businesses will begin to tap into this new marketplace as a means for generating revenue at scale.

Remember, Shopify’s network of sellers moves more GMV online than any other organization — beside Amazon. This to me means there’s a massive opportunity when NFT utilization evolves beyond “images” but into “experiences” as I predict it will in the coming years.


Chainlink HYPE!

Always like tossing in a helpful post or two about one of my favorite investments of all time – Chainlink (LINK).

I have the utmost conviction that oracle providers are a critical piece of the equation for the future of finance, data feeds, insurance, and pretty much anything you can imagine.

No, I don’t know what the price of LINK will be in a year. Yes, I believe the price of LINK will be very high in 5 years.

In the most recent Week in Review, we gave a concise breakdown of the Fed’s most recent activity. If you want to learn more about interest rates, tapering, and all the other fun things that impact your life more than you may think – the above link may help.

🚚 Rivian’s (RIVN) Hilariously Low Revenue:

Also included an earnings recap of Rivian in the last Week in ReviewThis company is a complete roll of the dice — despite that, I’d love the opportunity to drive their Rivian RS1.

🏈 College NIL Deals:

Many of you likely love college sports (Go Vols) and many of you may not give a damn. Regardless of your fandom (or lack thereof), I encourage you to pay attention to what’s going on with Name, Image, & Likeness (NIL) deals.

College athletes finally have the well-deserved ability to make money as their personal audience grows. I believe this will be a very big space for years to come – causing the intersection between major corporations and college athletics to grow in importance.

As you all might have seen on my Instagram stories — a company I’ve invested into personally, Draftly, is making waves at the intersection of NIL and NFTs. They’ve officially hired ex-NCAA & NFL employees to help move the ball forward, and I’m thrilled.

If this is something any of you are curious about — or maybe you know a college athlete thinking about NIL, reply to this email and I’ll add more color.

🍎 AirPods Revenue:

Go ahead and start selling little NFTs of AirPods and let’s see how high that number can fly, Apple. But on a real note – this is insane to wrap your mind around.

So what’s next for Apple? I believe additional hardware that will be as integral to our daily lives as AirPods are today. According to a few analysts on the Street, most speculation right now is surrounding a headset / something ocular — enabling mass consumption of the metaverse / augmented reality.

Their hunch is that Apple will release this + some new tech in their next iPhone that encourages the use of AR / VR, but at an increased cost to the user. This increased cost will allow Apple to rake even more of their high-margin Services revenue.

🕷️ Spider-Man:

Shoutout to all you WallStreetBettors — shares of AMC Entertainment (AMC) have surged +25% since last week’s release of Spider-Man: No Way Home.

My understanding is that this movie was co-produced by the studios of Disney (DIS) and Sony Group (SONY). Disney owns the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and Sony owns the Spider-Man Universe. Marvel (under Disney) owns all merchandising rights to Spider-Man, while Sony still retains the box office revenues.

However, I’m wondering if this “co-produced” movie has led to some sort of different revenue split. I may make a video about where the cash is truly flowing from a unique movie release of this nature. The news reports I’ve seen have a variety of different takes and I question the due diligence of the reporters.

In any event, the retail investors are clearly sticking up for AMC over all other parties involved. While AMC has rocketed higher, DIS is up just +1.2% over the last week and SONY is down -1.4%.

Wishing each of you a peaceful rest of your week and safe travels if you’re bouncing around for the holidays. While I may be slower to respond than usual, feel free to reach out to me via email, our texting community (615-802-9495), or Finary!

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