Social Media Spotlight: 01/17/2022

A lighthearted post for your weekend — below is some social media content that may peak your interest. As a reminder – inclusions of Social Media Spotlights don’t necessarily receive my full ‘endorsement’ or complete analytical agreement. We are simply sharing information that hopefully aid your journey as a business person, market reader, and investor.

Let’s jump in!

Topics Include:

  • Unique Crypto / NFT Callouts

  • Supply Chain

  • Payments Fintechs: Private vs. Public

  • Rapid Fire: Crazy Statistics

🌐 Unique Crypto / NFT Callouts

Big shoutout to FTX for giving away over $100K in NFTs (2nd on the list). Also be sure to check out the tweets at the end from Genies. The company is super innovative and working on all sorts of epic NFT / Avatars / Web3 initiatives. I’m convinced that they’re one of the main authorities in this space.

⛓️ Supply Chain

As badly as we’d like this to become ‘old news’ – it’s not. We are impacted by the combination of widespread shutdowns, coerced job displacement, a broken relationship with China, increased energy costs, winter weather, and more. Be sure to check out that last tweet for a sweet resource regarding supply chain disruptions.

💸 Payments Fintechs: Private vs. Public

Publicly-traded companies in this space like PayPal (PYPL) and Block (SQ) were down -20-25% in 2021. Meanwhile, privately-held companies like Stripe ($94B), Klarna ($46B), and ($40B) are reaching astronomical valuation levels.

📊 Rapid Fire: Crazy Statistics

It’s justified to say that every single one of these statistics is insane.

🤠 Bonus Callout:

🤠 Bonus Callout:

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It’s officially the year of unsubb’ing from the Target or Dick’s Sporting Goods emails, and filling my inbox with more value-adding newsletters. My close friend Tejas just started one with his friends. The plan is to send a weekly update on three valuable nuggets of info from the creator world. Check it out here!

Have a great rest of your weekend. For our East Coast readers — be safe with incoming winter weather!

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