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So Game 4 happened. What a miserable game to watch. I have never seen the Rangers play so soft, they looked like a completely different team from any other game this season and because of that we are down 3-1 in the series. Luckily it’s not over yet as both teams head back to New York for Game 5. Every game from here on out in this series is a must win for New York and I don’t really know how to feel about it after game 4. So let’s talk about everything that went wrong in Game 4.

Igor Shesterkin; the Rangers regular season MVP, Vezina Trophy finalist; easily played the worst game of his career last night. I do not understand what the hell is going on with this dude but clearly he is fucking rattled playing on Pittsburghs home ice. Which really does not help us get through this series WHATSOEVER. I figured that after the first spanking he would come out hot headed but I was so fucking wrong. I pray that heading home and hopefully getting this Game 5 win can put him back on track. But goddamn that was awful. I don’t understand how he just collapses randomly in periods. I just don’t get it.

Lack of physicality in Game 4 was just embarrassing. I thought this was the mean gritty Rangers? Not some no-hit beer league team. I swear to god if they don’t come out the gate laying checks left & right I am going to riot. It honestly looked like they were scared to hit anyone on the Penguins. Just flat out embarrassing.

The Rangers defense was just not there. Everyone in the defensive zone is puck watching, sticks are off the ice, and the major lack of physical play is hurting this team so badly. All of which are self-inflicted wounds. The breakaways are also killing us. This defense needs to step the FUCK up in game 5. I simply can not watch another garbage performance out of this team.

I am so disappointed in this game I am not gonna ramble on anymore. Luckily the Rangers have good history when down 3-1 to Pittsburgh everyone remembers the 2014 Stanley Cup Finals run the Rangers went on. Down 3-1 to Pittsburgh and the Rangers were able to force a game 7 & move on so there is still hope. I pray this team comes out physically and I am sure MSG will be bumping. I pray this isn’t the last time I say this but, Series prediction Rangers in 7.

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