Predictions for play in games

By: Anthony K

We are at the start of the play in games, and we will see the seventh seed Minnesota Timberwolves and the eighth seed Los Angeles Clippers face off for the seventh seed in the West. Additionally, we will see the seventh seed Brooklyn Nets and the eighth seed Cleveland Cavaliers play for the seventh seed in the Eastern Conference. My prediction for the seventh seed in the Western Conference will be the Minnesota Timberwolves. I predict this because I believe that Minnesota is much better than Los Angeles. They have great players all around the floor, and I think that Los Angeles isn’t going to be able to contain them. For the Eastern Conference, I believe that the Nets will beat Cleveland with ease and they will find their way to the seventh seed in the East. When a team has Kevin Durant, never count them out. With this being said, in the East, Charlotte and Atlanta will face off to play the loser of Cleveland and Brooklyn. I believe that Charlotte will beat Atlanta and then they will lose to Cleveland making Cleveland the eight seed in the Eastern Conference. In the west, however, I think that the Pelicans will beat San Antonio. This will have New Orleans going up against the Clippers, making this an easy win for the Clippers.  Los Angeles will then be the eighth seed. These are my predictions. Will I be wrong?  Do I see these games turning out any other way than I have said. No way! Although, regardless of the outcomes, we all love the NBA! 

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