NHL jerseys ranked

By: Harrison 

My personal ranking of the NHL’s home sweaters:

Today, I bring you some rankings. Not power rankings, but home jersey rankings of each NHL team. There are some great ones and some bad ones, so sit back and get your popcorn as this hockey fan gives his opinion on each NHL home tarp.

  1. Anaheim Ducks

Listen… someone has got to be last and that is Anaheim. Their duck foot logo is atrocious and almost ruins the jersey. The black, orange, and weird bronze color combo isn’t terrible, but the modern style is a miss for me.

  1. Nashville predators

I hate to say this as a Preds fan… but the jersey is bottom tier. I admire the franchise going with the yellow “gold” primary color option. It’s unique, bold, and recognizable. But at the end of the day, it’s too much yellow. Add some blue on the shoulders to accommodate that badass logo.

  1. san jose sharks

This case is like the Preds. The teal color is unique, but it overpowers the jersey. At least they have a stripe on the sleeves, but I would like to see more black or a hint of orange. The logo and shoulder patches, on the other hand, are fantastic.

  1. Washington capitals

Might get some hate for this one, but I don’t like the Caps jerseys. The red, white, and blue color scheme fits the team and the city. The problem is the logo, wordmark usually doesn’t look good on a hockey jersey, but it’s based on preference. Finally, There is some weird striping and I’m not a fan of the numbers either.

  1. Edmonton oilers

The Oilers new color scheme is weird, orange and navy blue. I miss the royal blue and orange, with the primary being royal blue. This uniform is too orange with a strange secondary palet. Along with that, no shoulder patches and boring numbers.

  1. new jersey devils

The Devils jersey is simple. The jersey is red with some black shoulders, with striping at the sleeves. The logo is a classic. No patches, no flare in the numbers. It’s just kind of boring.

  1. Carolina hurricanes

There is a lot of red in the league, and Carolina is no exception. Their uniform is pure red minus a few black areas on the sleeves. The logo is great, there are just more “red” teams that look more pleasing. I’m more in favor of their black alternates.

  1. Vancouver canucks

Vancouver has a fresh blue and green color scheme, but that’s the only thing I like. The primary and shoulder logos are weak in my opinion and are a bit dated. Their numbers are meh as well.

  1. Colorado avalanche

Colorado did its job well in delivering a good color scheme and an interesting pattern to its jersey. Things went wrong when they removed black and added too much blue. The color balance between blue and maroon are off to me.

  1. Ottawa senators

I was happy to see Ottawa change their jerseys last season. They used to have the worst jerseys in the league, and they have upgraded big time. But they still aren’t the best. The resurgence of their old logo was a great change and switching their primary to black. The striping is solid, but it lacks some white and the numbers are ok. Overall, solid jersey but a bit plain.

  1. tampa bay lightning

The back-to-back champs have really built their brand the past few years. Their blue garbs are very recognizable in this day in age. Their jersey is very simple and clean with cool numbers. Their patch logo is solid, but there is one problem. The logo on the front is the most lazily made logo I’ve ever seen in sports. Do better Tampa.

  1. new York rangers

Like I said before, I hate words on jerseys. New York has a classic American color palette and unique numbers. The original six aesthetic gives them some brownie points, and they are the best to do the wording. But I’m still not a fan of words and I feel like they put their iconic shield logo to waste.

  1. new York islanders

The islanders haven’t had to change much in their years as a franchise. The long island logo is clean and the blue with orange, white striping is put together well. Nothing needs to be changed about this jersey, but it’s been around awhile and that’s why it is low. There are better jerseys on this list.

  1. la kings

L.A. has some good striping, and not really any funky spots on the jersey. The simple color scheme is one of the best in the NHL and are used well. The jersey is just a bit… boring and the logo is not one of my favorites.

  1. florida panthers

This is a surprise for some, but I think the Panthers jersey are well put together. The shield logo is not liked, but I dig it. The center stripe and the Florida flag arm patch looks very clean. The navy also complements the jersey. All in all, it’s a nice mid-tier jersey. Not great, but good.

  1. Winnipeg jets

The Jets logo has grown on me, while the color scheme has already been solid. The mix of two different shades of blue works for me, and the striping and numbers put the jersey together.

  1. Toronto maple leafs

The next original six team on the list, this one goes to the Maple Leafs. Their simple colors have passed the time test, and their more realistic leaf design bumps up the aesthetic. Antiqueness only gets you so much though, I think simplicity works only to an extent and only in rare cases makes it the best.

  1. dallas stars

I love the victory green, it is popping. The striping, numbers, and color combo is perfect. All you need is a good logo, what a shame…

  1. columbus blue jackets

Columbus has one of the most underrated jerseys. They are very over hated. The civil war colors and striping looks really cool to me, and I like the stars on the sleeves. The shoulder patches are great with the cannon. The number font is unique. The logo while isn’t great, isn’t terrible. Solid jersey.

  1. Philadelphia flyers

Orange is a great color, and Philly knows how to use it, unlike Edmonton. The Orange and Black makes their brand original, and the logo is perfect to center that jersey.

  1. vegas golden knights

Grey is a special color, as well as gold and red. They work insanely well for Vegas. The grey fits their identity, and the gold fits the city. It isn’t too flashy (they have an alternate for that) but it still screams Vegas. The logo is good enough to finish the jersey off well.

  1. buffalo sabres

Buffalo switching back to royal blue was a great decision. The royal blue and gold combo makes the striping and design very pleasing to the eye. The logo stayed the same for good reason, it’s great. A former bottom tier jersey now almost cracks my top ten. Good job Buffalo for being good at something.

  1. Minnesota wild

The Wild have a good use of green. Their logo design is a top three in the league. Their secondary colors of red and a sort of bronze color complement the jersey well. The excellent striping is what brings it to the next level.

  1. st. louis blues

Another two-tone blue jersey that works. Throw on the compliments of white and gold and some great shoulder striping and you have an almost perfect jersey. Also, that logo is an instant classic.

  1. Chicago blackhawks

Controversial, but the logo is still recognized by almost anyone. Everything about the jersey is nearly perfect, but I get there is some protest.

  1. seattle kraken

The newest team did not disappoint. The Kraken unveiled what I believe to be the best use of blue in the league. The use of navy and a sort of seafoam blue brings the name to life. The tentacled S logo and anchor shoulders are good along with the small hint of red sprinkled in. The numbers are really unique making an awesome tarp.

  1. Detroit red wings

This is what I mean when simple is better. The Detroit Red Wings have never had to change anything for good reason. Red and white works so well for them, and their storied history and logo still make the jersey so iconic.

  1. boston bruins

Boston, unlike other original six teams, have changed their jersey up a few times through their history. Black and yellow is a great combo and there is good reason that logo is worn by many. Great jersey.

  1. Pittsburgh penguins

Very similar to Boston, but better. The yellow is utilized better with the sleeves. But a penguin playing hockey as a logo is iconic and reminds you of Sidney Crosby’s best moments.

  1. montreal canadiens

The most iconic and recognizable logo in hockey. This jersey has been one of the best because of this, but also because of its sheer design. The striping is very well used, and the blue mixes well with the red primary.

  1. Calgary flames

First introduced as the alternate a few years ago, this became a fan favorite. Getting rid of black was a great choice for the Flames. The simple red and yellow and striping feels like the jersey is really on fire. The flaming C just adds to that aesthetic. Calgary should’ve made these permanent home jerseys sooner. One of the best there is, but one is better…

  1. Arizona coyotes

Like Calgary, these were introduced as a throwback alternate at first. This year, they became the home sweater, and they are glorious. A wacky color scheme of black, maroon, and green mesh with the desert kachina design of the jersey. The kachina coyote is a great logo, along with the moon shoulder logos. The jersey screams Arizona and fits the market and culture perfectly. The number design is great as well. The jersey is beautiful and ugly all into one and everything a hockey fan can wish for. That is why the Yotes are my number one.





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