Recapping the 2021 NFL Draft

Peace out to the 2021 NFL draft and hello offseason. All 7 rounds are completed, and all 32 teams are now preparing for the offseason with high hopes that the 2021 season will be their year. Although each organization thinks they had a great draft class, that is not the case and I'm here to break down each team's overall draft class. Thank God we only have 3 more months until real sports come back... aka NFL and college football, and for now we are looking ahead to what is next for each team. I'll be honest, I only watch about the first 40-50 picks and after that they all might as well be irrelevant in my opinion, but to be fair, the real winners of the draft are chosen in rounds 4-7. These are the steals and the guys that typically make impacts early into the season. Any avid NFL fan was not surprised to see QB Trevor Lawrence and Zach Wilson at #1 and #2 but after that it was anyone's game. Here are my grades for the 2021 NFL draft.

-Andrew Grayson

  • Arizona Cardinals: C-
  • Atlanta Falcons: B+
  • Baltimore Ravens: B
  • Buffalo Bills: B
  • Carolina Panthers: A
  • Chicago Bears: A
  • Cincinnati Bengals: A
  • Cleveland Browns: A
  • Dallas Cowboys: A
  • Denver Broncos: A
  • Detroit Lions: A
  • Green Bay Packers: D
  • Houston Texans: D
  • Indianapolis Colts: D
  • Jacksonville Jaguars: A
  • Kansas City Chiefs: A
  • Los Angeles Chargers: A
  • Los Angeles Rams: D
  • Las Vegas Raiders: C
  • Miami Dolphins: B
  • Minnesota Vikings: C
  • New England Patriots: B
  • New Orleans Saints: C
  • New York Giants: A
  • New York Jets: A
  • Philadelphia Eagles: A-
  • Pittsburgh Steelers: B
  • Seattle Seahawks: D
  • San Francisco 49ers: A
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers: A
  • Tennessee Titans: B
  • Washington Football Team: B
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