Top 5 Wooden Award Candidates and their NBA comparisons

Top 5 Wooden Award Candidates and their NBA comparisons (Per Me, Killian Casey)
Everyone loves a good comparison; we look at comparisons to help us try to map out a player’s career.
Sometimes they are spot on, other times they make the analyst look like he is just spewing shit out of his
or her mouth. Today I will give it a try and either look like the smartest person on the planet or look like
a complete and utter idiot.

Oscar Tshiebwe, Forward, Kentucky
Pro Comparison: Udoka Azubuike
Oscar Tshiebwe is a very interesting player. When I watch Oscar play basketball I am in no way, shape or
form taken aback by any of his skills. He just goes out there and tries really hard. I can respect it,
because as a 5’11 white kid with no skills, effort is the only thing I can offer on the basketball court.
Oscar just grabs rebounds at a mind-numbing rate and all his points come at the rim, most being from
offensive rebounds. For me I do not think that “Gritty O” will translate whatsoever to the NBA, the
absolute best I think that his career will turn out is maximum 6-8 points per and 8-10 rebounds per

Johnny Davis, Guard, Wisconsin
Pro Comparison: A poor man’s Devin Booker
I know I know; Devin Booker is a top 20 player in the NBA and comparing Johnny Davis to him feels
disrespectful to DBook. That’s why I said a poor man’s Devin Booker. Devin Booker is one of the best
shot creators and shot makers in today’s game, Johnny Davis is one of the best shot creators in the sport
of college basketball. With that being said, college bucket getting is very different from pro bucket
getting. There are thousands of great college players that are elite shot creators at that level who do not
pan out. I for one think Johnny Davis is very well versed in all facets of the game to where I believe that
he won’t have to rely on his shot creating skills to be an impact player at the next level. I can see Johnny
Davis being a 3-time all-star in his career, with his peak year being a year of him averaging 23+ PPG.

Chet Holmgren, Center, Gonzaga
Pro Comparison: Literally no one
Chet Holmgren is a unicorn. He is something we have never seen, something of a fairytale. When you
are 10 years old and playing 2k and making an all 99 rated player who is max height, that is Chet
Holmgren. One look at Chet Holmgren and you are like “What the Fuck.” His game kind of reminds me of
a Kristaps Porzingis pre-ACL tear with the Knicks, but I feel like Chet has more guard-like skills than
Kristaps did. Anyone who gets Chet Holmgren on their roster will be singing his praises in 10 years time
because there is no doubt in my mind that he will bring whatever city a championship.

Kofi Cockburn, Center, Illinois
Pro Comparison: Stronger Clint Capela
Kofi is very similar to Oscar Tshiebwe in the way he plays, the only difference is Kofi Cockburn is a
motherfucking unit. He is one of the strongest basketball players I have ever seen. Kofi has a more
polished offensive game than Oscar in my opinion, mostly due to the fact that he can just overpower
everyone, but hey, who is stopping him from doing that in the NBA. (Probably everyone but we’ll save
that for a different discussion.)

Jabari Smith, Forward, Auburn
Pro Comparison: Kevin Durant
I go online and I see Rashard Lewis and Chris Bosh as a comparison, no way, Jabari Smith is way more
ball dominant than either of those guys. Kevin Durant is a “shoot for the moon” comparison, but I really
think that Jabari Smith has the potential to be special. I don’t really think that his career will turn out like
KD, but I see similarities in their games. Both long wiry athletes with a smooth shooting form. Both great
athletes. Both able to handle. Both are above average defenders (If they try). I am choosing this as my
hill to die on. Please Mr. Smith make me look like an intellectual god.

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