Killian’s March Madness Favorites

By: Killian

Killian’s March Madness Favorites

Allergies, Tax Day, Seasonal Sickness, and Basketball. It must be springtime. I am willing to overlook the negatives about this season for the greatest period in sports. Today I will be giving my totally right, no way it’s wrong prediction of my top 5 teams who could win it all.

1. Duke Blue Devils (rank: 7)

Duke is interesting, if you watch them, there are times where they appear very soft. There are also times when they look like the Harlem Globetrotters, and everything comes easy to them. For me, their X-Factor is Sophomore Mark Williams, Mark is an anchor on the defensive end, averaging 2.8 blocks per game, but he is a little bit of a liability on the offensive end. Mark’s best offensive game was against Syracuse where he had 28 points and he shot 75%! Duke won this game by 25. The recipe is simple, get your athletic 7-foot big man on backdoor cuts where you can lob it to him for some easy offense. Also, Duke is Duke and once again has several talented freshman, Paolo Banchero is one of the top NBA prospects, along with AJ Griffin, who is not as highly touted, but is spectacular in his own right. Trevor Keels is another outstanding freshman on the team. He thrives in transition as do most of these players. I am a Duke supporter, and I am not worried about them going out in a tragic early round exit like some years prior. I expect nothing less than an Elite 8 exit, and honestly, I expect a banner to cap off Mike Krzyzewski’s career.

2. Gonzaga Bulldogs (rank: 1)

It seems like every year Gonzaga is ranked 1, and every year Gonzaga chokes. This year I think Gonzaga can do it, if they don’t have to play Duke (Because they lost to them). Gonzaga’s frontcourt is immaculate with Drew Timme and Chet Holmgren. I expect Chet Holmgren to play well, as he always does, that is why my X-factor for Gonzaga is Andrew Nembhard. Nembhard is a smart, experienced guard who started out his college career at Florida. Andrew has been known for his shooting stroke and his quick hands. I believe that his quick hands will come up very clutch in the waning moments of a game. A late steal can be an absolute gamechanger, and that is all Gonzaga needs to suffocate their opponent.

3. Auburn Tigers (rank: 5)

Everyone I talk to is low on Auburn and for good reason. They have had some pretty ugly loses recently, and their wins have not looked that convincing either. But there is one thing that gives me hope that Auburn can go all the way, and that is Jabari Motherfuckin Smith. Jabari Smith is one of the most naturally gifted players I have seen in a long time, and that means something. In March when the tensions are high, I trust the team with the best player, and I think that Jabari Smith is the best player in the country. Walker Kessler is also a big key for the Tigers. His size mixed with his shooting stroke and his passing ability will make it easy for the Tigers to put up points.

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