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The Golden State Warriors have been under the radar during these NBA Playoffs and through the entire season. The injuries have yet to stop them from having the best defensive rating in the NBA. People think that just because Steph Curry hasn’t had a 40 point game yet in the playoffs means that he can’t win the MVP or that he still hasn’t played to the best potential. Let me remind you he’s averaging a career best 29 PPG in the playoffs and he didn’t even start 4 of the 11 games he’s played. I wouldn’t count him out of the FINALS MVP conversation yet. Now that the Suns are out of the way I think there’s no way Dallas Mavericks will stop Curry, Klay, or better yet Jordan Poole. Luka will have to carry his team even more this series and I don’t think it will be enough. Steph Curry has been to the Finals 5 times and has yet to win a FINALS MVP, I believe this could be the year he finally wins it to SOLIDIFY his amazing career. The Warriors team could look different very soon considering Klay and Draymonds contracts will be expiring in the next year or two. This could be their last ride as teammates together to the Finals. With the betting side of things, the Sports Books themselves said that it would be good for the books if only the Warriors won the Finals. So I’m going to ride it out with Curry as FINALS MVP and Warriors as the NBA Champions! 

I’m risking 6 Units to jump on the plus money lines because I’m pretty confident about it. Take these bets after this round is OVER if you want to be EXTRA SAFE. 


Curry Finals MVP – 3 U

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