Kyrie’s 50 POint Game

By: Anthony Krenek

 Last night, the Brooklyn Nets faced the Charlotte Hornets. Both of these teams are towards the bottom of the eastern conference. The Nets were one game behind 500 and their record was 32-33. The Nets have dealt with a lot of challenges this year. They have dealt with Kyrie not getting the COVID-19 vaccine and only playing in 17 games this season. They have also dealt with James Harden’s nonsense before they sent him to Philadelphia. In the game against the Hornets, Kyrie had 50 points, six assists, and three rebounds. Irving shot 15 of 19 from the field, 11 of 13 from the free-throw line, and 9 of 12 from deep. Kyrie’s field goal percentage was 79% and 75% from behind the arch. The Brooklyn Nets defeated the  Charlotte Hornets 132-121. Kyrie Irving is a huge threat to other teams in the eastern conference, but the problem is, he is unable to play in Brooklyn because of the vaccine policy that was in place in New York. 

Kyrie The governor of New York got rid of the mandate, but is still not allowing Kyrie to play in home games. Through the 17 games that Kyrie has played, he is averaging 26.2 points, 5.4 assists,  and 4.6 rebounds on a 47.7% field goal percentage. This Nets team is deep and they have so much star power. In a hypothetical world, with no vaccine mandate, and Kyrie playing in both home and away games, the Nets would be my pick to come out of the eastern conference. Kyrie is a game-changer at the point guard position. It will be interesting when it comes to playoffs because currently, the Nets are sitting at the eighth seed in the east. There is still a lot of basketball left in the season, so the standings will change. All in all, it was a great game by Kyrie, and I am glad to see him balling out again after all he has been through this NBA season. The next game the Nets will play is against the 76ers on March 10th in Philadelphia.   

Kyrie 50

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