Joel embiid is a regular season player

By: Anthony Krenek

I have a real problem with Joel Embiid. The problem I have with Embiid is that he hunts for fouls like it is the opening season of hunting. This is why Harden and Embiid are the perfect tinder date. I was watching the Brooklyn vs 76ers game on Thursday and Embiid shot 15 free throws in the first quarter, that is ridiculous. I had to turn off the game because every possession I saw Embiid at the foul line. Don’t get me wrong, Embiid is a top-two center in the NBA, but he is not number one. This season Embiid averages 29.7 points, 11.2 rebounds, and 4.3 assists. These are great stats, but at the same time, he is shooting almost 12 free throws a game. I understand why he is getting these calls because he plays physically as a center. Nobody in the league should get 15 free throws in ONE-QUARTER of play, this is atrocious. Just know when the playoffs come he will not be getting these calls. I just can’t put an MVP candidate who gets a decent percentage of his points from the foul line. This really grinds my gears because he is so soft. He gets every call because he pumps fakes at least five times in the post and the refs just let him go to the line. They must feel bad for Philidapheia because they are a disgrace of a franchise. This team is only good at one thing and that is drawing fouls like it’s a foul party. No, this is the big leagues be a man and take those hits. 

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