morants case for mvp

By: Anthony K

This NBA season we have seen the emergence of many NBA players. The one player who has been standing out to me this season is no other than Ja Morant. He is putting up great numbers and overall, the Memphis Grizzlies have had a great amount of team success too. Memphis is second overall in the Western Conference with a record of 51-23. Ja Morant is a huge reason for the success of this team. Morant is putting up impressive numbers with 27.6 points, 6.7 assists and 5.7 rebounds. Morant is putting up these numbers on 49.3% shooting from the field and 34.3% from the three point line. This is Ja’s third season in the NBA and he is willing his team to win games. On this Memphis team there isn’t another star player. This is one of my main reasons for why Ja should be the MVP. Also, the improvement of Memphis as a whole is another key indicator for why I believe that Ja should be the MVP. Last season, the Grizzlies were 38-34 and were the eighth seed in the Western Conference at the end of the year. For me, team success is one of the main reasons why someone should be the MVP because it shows that they are the most valuable player and not the best. Ja doesn’t get enough credit as he should. I think it is because he plays in a small market. The MVP voters have Jayson Tatum over Ja in the MVP standings. The Celtics have been hot recently, but if you looked earlier in the year they were struggling. For all of these reasons I said above I believe that Ja should be the MVP. He is the first option who is very efficient and is winning games. Everyone needs to take a closer look at what Ja has been doing this season. It is very impressive. 

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