The Hottest Teams in Baseball RIGHT NOW

American League:

Toronto Blue Jays (7-3 L10)

Robbie Ray is wearing tight pants, Vladdy Guerrero can't stop hitting moonshots, and they play at a glorified little league field, what's not to love? The boys in blue are 7-3 in the last 10 games-they capped off a 2-1 series win over the Phillies on Sunday with a 10-8 dub. Bo Bichette hit a bomb, Marcus Semien hit a bomb, Vladdy hit ANOTHER bomb-even Randall "The Crimson Chin" Grichuk got in on the action with a timely RBI double. The Jays take on the Red Sox, the number one team in the AL East, on Tuesday-if you like baseball, I'd advise tuning in.

Houston Astros (8-2 L10)

The 'Stros lineup from top to bottom is just scary-When you're a pitcher that has to face this many studs in one game, you're gonna give up some runs. Houston currently holds the longest winning streak in the MLB at 6 games-they just swept the Rangers and are only getting better as the year progresses. The fighting trashcan bangers begin a 3 game series with the A's in Oakland on Tuesday-this will be a test for both teams as they sit at #1 and #2 in the AL West.

Chicago White Sox (8-2 L10)

It feels like '05 on the South Side, boys-the White Sox are, without question, the best team in the MLB right now. Their pitching staff is phenomenal, everybody on their team is raking, and those black and white unis are just so damn CLEAN. In their last game, they dropped 16 runs on the worst team in the MLB (the Twins) and, honestly, it looked like a lopsided little league game. Jose Abreu is injured, but that hasn't affected their offense at all as Andrew Vaughn has stepped in to pick up the slack. Tim Anderson continues to produce, Yermin Mercedes feels like an automatic knock, Yoan Moncada has a 7-game hitting streak-even Nicky Madrigal is "swinging a volcanic stick" according to our friends over at NBC Sports. They aren't pumping the breaks anytime soon-look for the Sox to drop dong on the Twins again on Tuesday night.

National League:

San Diego Padres (7-3 L10)

They just shut out the Rockies and they swept the Cardinals over the weekend...without Fernando Tatis, Jr. Need I say more? The daddies are getting dubs over the #1 team in the NL Central WITHOUT the MLB's golden boy. Ha-seong Kim has stepped in and made some noise, Yu Darvish looked pretty much unhittable last night and Manny Machado continues to hit bombs. The Padres' fans are cold-cocking people and their players are cold-cocking baseballs. An exciting team, and a safe bet.


San Francisco Giants (7-3 L10)

The G Men are off to their best start since they won the World Series in 2014. Though they aren't the sexiest team in baseball, Mike Yastrzemski's porn stache certainly helps matters-the San Francisco squad is 14-4 at home and they just took game one of their series with the Reds in Cincinnati, as they continue to hit for power on the road. Buster Posey, an afterthought in many baseball fans' minds before the season, is hitting a whopping .362 and showing that he's still got some of that MVP pop we saw back in 2012. If things continue the way they're going, we're gonna have a pretty fun postseason series between the Padres and the Giants at some point.




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