Michigan To Win IT All

By: Tyler R

Before the Michigan Wolverines season even started, Jim Harbaugh said “We have four goals this season 1. Beat Michigan State University 2. Beat Ohio State University 3. Win the Big 10 Championship 4. Win the National Championship.”

Here we are just a few weeks away from playing Texas Christian University in the first round of the college football playoffs. The Michigan Wolverines have already completed three of the four goals on the season and have shown to be dominant and clutch throughout the entire season. Even with out Blake Corum, the Wolverines have been able to run the ball as they’ve done all season. This team looks more explosive and better than they did last season. JJ McCarthy gives them a new dynamic since he can make plays on the run. Michigan has Ronnie Bell back and has been healthy all season. Donavan Edwards carried the ball with his non-dominant hand for 400 yards in two games. The defense hasn’t changed even without Ojabo and Hutchinson, Michigan is still performing at a high level. I believe this has to be the season they win it all. No matter who they play Ohio State University or University of Georgia in the next round, I don’t think any team is playing with more heart than Michigan has all season. Jim Harbaugh has his eyes on being the number one college football team. The best chance they have is the one they have right now.

We’ve already beat OSU, TCU has no chance with the defense they have,  and UGA has looked beatable at times even though they are still undefeated. Michigan seeks revenge against UGA as well. If I’m putting money on this game I’m putting it on Michigan. LETS GO BLUE!


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