Matryoshka Coffee

Matryoshka Coffee exists to prove a point: specialty coffee can be over-the-top fun and still be delicious. The owners came up with the name after the planning stages and referred to Matryoshka as “the shop inside the shop”. Which came from “the Russian nesting doll of shop,” thus, Matryoshka (pronounced mah-tree-osh-ka or mah-trish-kah) was born.

Newly opened as of December, Matryoshka Coffee is a pink sparkly micro-cafe with glittery espresso drinks, instant ramen, and Lucky Charms served on fancy trays. If you are wanting to insert some joy into my workday and Matryoshka promises that with lattes adorned with confetti sprinkles, glitter, and cuteness. Their menu is small but hit at multiple things I wanted to try and I ended up leaving with two drink: the Confetti Cuban and a non-coffee all-pink concoction.

The cute decor and somewhat gimmick-yness of sprinkles on coffee might confuse you that their drinks were all style and no substance, but make no mistake – their coffee is genuinely awesome. Perfectly made Cuban (espresso + condensed milk) that wasn’t overly sweet. High quality beans. The Charlotte was a rose milk concoction that I was less into, but was also impressed that it wasn’t loaded with sugar. If this location weren’t so out of my way, I’d make it a more regular addition to my morning routine. But for now, will treat it as an occasional joyful pick-me up and potential warm weather hang with my pup.


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