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         If you’re looking to build some serious quads, you’ve come to the right place. Check out these 4 exercises that will guarantee you wont walking when you are done.

Exercise 1: Banded Leg Extensions

         This workout from hell begins with a aquad focused leg day with banded leg extensions. Start by performing 3-4 sets, along with a couple of warmup sets, in a rep range of 12-15 repetitions. Then include a drop set during his last set, while getting some pauses and squeezes at the top of his reps.

         By using the band, the further you are to the top of the range of motion, the greater the tension is going to be. The added stimulation causes more tension, which allows for more leg day growth.

         This exercise is great to add to the beginning of your leg day to pre-exhaust your quadriceps. After only a few sets, you should already be feeling a great pump and you can tell this adaptation is no joke and weve just begun!”

Exercise 2: Back Squat

         Next, begin by placing two small plates on the ground in order to elevate his heels. In doing so, he shifts the focus more on his quadriceps, forcing them to grow. performs 3 working sets of 10-12 reps.

         Listen to your body while working out. Some days you’re going to be able to lift heavier than others. However, experience lifting 40-50lbs more/less one day isn’t going to make or break your progress. Just make sure you always hit the muscle enough to where it is stimulated and do the right things outside of the gym to ensure recovery.

         Go 3/4ths of the way up when performing squats. This allows to maintain tension on the muscle throughout the movement while limiting any stress on joints from locking out the knees.

Exercise 3: Hack Squats

         Hack squats are a great movement for putting emphasis on your quadriceps. It is important to keep your heels low, touch your butt to your calves when squatting, and drive through your heels on the way up.

We love the hack machine, because you can really target the muscle with only a moderate amount of weight. Other machines don’t always work as well when it comes to isolating a muscle.

Exercise 4: Banded Front Squats

         You finish up his leg day with free weight banded front squats. Utilizing the band will increase the resistance, especially at the top of the motion. While it may look light, especially when doing less weight, the bands add about 60-70lbs (each) of resistance to the exercise.

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