The one and only Kendall Long joins us to discuss her life after The Bachelor/Bachelor in Paradise as well to discuss her new book! “Just Curious, A Notebook of Questions”

We discuss a variety of topics such as:

Bachelor/Bachelor in Paradise

2020 National Championship

Kendall’s New Book!

Flying Fox Bats aka (Puppies with Wings)

Our New TV Show “The Great American Taxidermist”

My attempt to ask Kendall on a date!

Relationships/Dating in 2020/2021 and much much more!


New Years/Snowboarding/Skiing: 1:11

Covid in LA: 3:23

Kendall on The Bachelor: 8:11

Kendall’s New Book: “Just Curious, A Notebook of Questions” 13:35

All Things Taxidermy: 18:15

Kendall’s Ideal First Date: 27:38

Favorite/Worst/Most surprising part of being on The Bachelor: 28:30

Dating Advice in 2020/2021: 38:21

Kendall’s Sports Betting Pick on Alabama/Ohio State: 42:25

Kendall’s Spirit Animal: 44:58

Best and Worst Pickup Lines! 47:11

Is Chris Harrison as cool as he seems on TV? 49:01

Kendall’s Potential TV Show: 52:45

My attempt to ask Kendall on a date: 55:23


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