grading nhl deadline deals

By: Colby R 

Leafs Strengthen Their Defense

  • Maple Leafs Receive:
    • Mark Giordano
    • Colin Blackwell
  • Kraken Receive:
    • 2nd Round Pick in 2022
    • 2nd Round Pick in 2023
    • 3rd Round Pick in 2024


Maple Leafs: B-

  • It’s obvious that the Leafs are attempting to be contenders for the cup even though this is extremely difficult with teams such as Florida and Carolina atop the standings in the East. However, the Leafs are adding a veteran defenseman who they can hope will bring a more defensive culture change to the team without Jake Muzzin in the lineup. Giordano becomes an unrestricted free agent following the season, so he carries no baggage. Colin Blackwell will aim to strengthen the depth for the Leafs ahead of the playoffs. Adding these two players might help the Leafs finally win a playoff series, but I do not think it brings them anywhere closer to the Lord Stanley.


Kraken: B+

  • The Kraken entered the league and have a significant drop off in success compared to the Golden Knights inaugural season in 2017-18. Did the Golden Knights get lucky or was their draft simply executed better? No matter, the Kraken are not competing for the cup and need to look for the future. 38-year-old Mark Giordano is 100% not a part of the future in Seattle and Colin Blackwell has been lackluster so far. Overall, getting 3 solid picks from a desperate Maple Leafs team feels like great value for a team that is going to look to build through draft picks. That’s 33 picks the Kraken have in just the next three years!


A Wild Goalie Switch

Firstly, Kappo Kahkonen

  • Sharks Receive:
    • Kappo Kahkonen
    • 5th Round Pick in 2022
  • Wild Receive:
    • Jacob Middleton

The Flower

  • Blackhawks Receive:
    • Conditional 2nd Round Pick in 2022 (Will become a 1st if the Wild make the conference finals and Fleury wins four games in the first two rounds of the playoffs)
  • Wild Receive:
    • Marc-Andre Fleury


Wild: A+

  • These trades are a complete win for the Wild. Firstly, they have added some hard hitting, gritty players this deadline including Deslauriers and now Middleton. In addition, Kahkonen wanted more time after backing up Cam Talbot for most of the season but who better to replace him with than last year’s Vezina winner, Marc-Andre Fleury. Fleury has been having an off year but let’s not forget he’s been playing behind a very subpar team in Chicago. Now Fleury gets a new opportunity with a cup contender and the Wild stay deep at goalies. Plus, Fleury’s tan pads could look beautiful with a green sweater on.


Blackhawks: B-

  • Congratulations Chicago, you have no goalie. However, you were able to pull out great value for a goalie who has been having a down year. The criteria to make the conditional 2nd round pick received a 1st round pick, is very possible. Minnesota is a powerhouse in the West and, despite some very solid teams particularly in Calgary and Colorado, they have a very solid chance of making the conference finals. But does Fleury get four wins, we will see. If this becomes a 1st round pick, Chicago can be satisfied, but if not, well yikes.


Sharks: B+

  • Kappo Kahkonen has been a very solid goaltender throughout this year posting a 2.87 Goals Against Average and a .910 Save Percentage. In San Jose he will find more regularity in the lineup as James Reimer has pretty much the same stat line. This will give the Sharks a very sound one two punch at goalie for next to nothing. While the Wild add more gritty players, the Sharks give away 69 penalty minutes in 45 games. It’s great to see trades that benefit both teams.


Claude Giroux is Out of Philly

  • Panthers Receive:
    • Claude Giroux
    • Connor Bunnaman
    • German Rubtsov
    • 5th Round Pick in 2024
  • Flyers Receive:
    • Owen Tippett
    • 1st Round Pick in either 2024 or 2025
    • 3rd Round Pick in 2023


Panthers: A

  • This trade turns the Panthers from an immovable object to an unstoppable force. This team is a freight train and if you’re in their way come playoff time, I’ll be praying for you. Claude Giroux has spent 15 years in the league racking up 1,000 games, 900 points, but no Stanley Cup. Now, he has a very good chance of getting to kiss the most famed trophy in the entire hockey world.


Flyers: C+

  • Let’s be honest, the Flyers had to do this. A guy who has given you as much as Giroux over his 15-year period with the Flyers deserves a shot at the cup. Owen Tippett is a great prospect having been the 10th overall selection in the 2017 draft, but you could’ve gotten more. A first-round pick that will likely be near the end of the round and an unproven prospect don’t seem like enough to warrant praise. Anyhow, the rebuild in Philadelphia begins without Mr. Philadelphia himself.
Grading NHL Deadline Deals

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