The Philadelphia Eagles are the last remaining undefeated team in the NFL at 4-0. The last time the team started a season 4-0 was way back in 2004 when Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb went all the way to Super Bowl 39.

Right now, Jalen Hurts and the Eagles have the chance to make history if they win the next 3 games, doing so would tie the record for undefeated streak at a start of a season for the Eagles at 7-0 which was set during the 2004 season.

As of now, the Eagles are arguably the best team in the league, and currently at the top of their division and the NFC. But can they keep the train rolling? Looking forward into the future, the Eagles next three games are against teams with a combined win percentage of 50 percent where the Eagles last 4 games were against teams with a combined win percentage of 77 percent. Meaning the Eagles have a realistic shot of breaking this record considering their next three opponents are playing worse than the previous 4 they have already beaten.

However, if the Eagles want to go for breaking their 7-0 streak, they will have to beat the Cardinals, Cowboys, and Steelers, which would tie the record. And then play the winless Texans to break the record.

Comparing 2022 Hurts to 2004 McNabb

            Right now, Jalen Hurst is having an MVP caliber season throughout his first four games this season, being at the top of nearly every stat for quarterbacks so far, but so was McNabb 20 whole years ago. 

            Through his first four games, Hurts has thrown for 1,120 yards, two interceptions, with a completion percentage of 66.7 percent, throwing for four touchdowns and recording four rushing touchdowns with 205 rushing yards. With an average passing rating of 99.6.

            Where 18 years in the past, McNabb had 1,168 passing yards, one interception, a completion percentage of 68 percent, 9 passing touchdowns and no rushing touchdowns through his first four games. With an average passer rating of 111.4 through the first four games of the season. 

            However, if it wasn’t for the rough conditions during the Eagles matchup with the Jacksonville Jaguars last week. It could’ve been very possible for Hurts to come closer or even beat the stats set by McNabb in 2004. Hopefully, with the Eagles light schedule for the future weeks, Hurts can put up better numbers and get back on track with his MVP caliber season.

2004 Eagles

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