Down go the Smankees
By: Dylan

Oh my God who could’ve seen this coming… Oh shit that’s right, everyone. In 2017, 2019, and now 2022 the Yankees yet again prove why the Houston Astros are Their Father. Aaron Judge might be calling Jose Altuve Daddy for the rest of his career and probably the rest of his life. I hate three teams in the MLB and the top 2 are the Houston Asterix and The Bronx Bums. But I will always hate the bums more than any other team no matter how long I’m alive.(Let’s go Mets) Someone posted a picture on twitter with Altuve towering over Judge with his arm around him and nothing made me laugh more. You know what made this even better? Aaron Judge striking out in possibly his last at bat as a Yankee. He was abysmal in the postseason hitting .139 and only hitting 2 balls out. Shittttt but at least he hit 62 in the regular season right?? Yahoo, still 11 away from even tying Barry Bond’s record. So really it doesn’t mean anything, and I stand by that. Cry about it. My god, I can’t wait for this offseason to see every player on the Yankees leave and Aaron Boone and Brian Cashman get fired. I mean they really really suck. Boone can’t make a managerial move to save his life, and Cashman has done nothing. He Rebuilt the same team he had the year before and guess what, they still couldn’t get the job done. I thought this was the year Yankee fans? Wasn’t this the dream team, the best team you’ve seen in years? Gimme a break. You didn’t even win 100 games this season and next year I hope you can’t get over 60. Have a great offseason explaining to everyone why you didn’t win the World Series, and I can’t wait for you to say all the same shit next season before inevitably your dreams get crushed.

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