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WELCOME to the Six Pack Coverage College Baseball station!

              This is where you’ll be able to find the latest news on all levels of college baseball whether you like it or not. But trust me, if you like baseball, my suggestion for you is to keep up. This page will definitely cover the SEC, ACC, PAC 12, and all these other big names in college baseball. But by no means will it be limited to them. The NAIA, D2, D3, and JUCO baseball will not be overlooked.

              Of all sports in college, baseball has the least significant skill gap between divisions. Every year, NCAA Division 1 schools lose to schools from NAIA, D2, JUCO, etc. By no means is that a knock on D1 baseball. Some of the top baseball players and teams in the country are from D1 every year. The world just needs to not sleep on the other levels.

College baseball is wild at all levels.

  • NC State’s freshman Tommy White caught the nation’s attention by hitting 9 homeruns in his first 8 collegiate games.
  • Every team in the SEC is going into conference play with a winning record.
  • Sacramento State started off the season by sweeping Northern Illinois (D1), losing to British Columbia (NAIA), then sweeping D1’s #6 ranked Long Beach State.
  • #1 Nova Southeastern (D2) started off the season 16-0, then proceeded to get swept by #5 Tampa.
  • #1 Southeastern (NAIA) started off their season 26-0 until they lost to unranked Indiana Tech.
  • Purdue is the only unbeaten team (14-0) left in D1 yet remains unranked.
  • Eastern Oklahoma State is 19-0 and ranked #12 in JUCO.
  • Hector Garcia from #16 Hope International (NAIA) struck out 19 batters in a 7 inning game (21 outs).
  • UCF’s (D1) Connor Staine, CO School of Mines’s (D2) Tyler Blomster, Wilson’s (D3) Chris Baumann all have 19+ innings with a 0.00 ERA.
  • Orange Coast College (CA JUCO) played a game with all players & coaches on both teams wearing #14 to honor their late, legendary head coach John Altobelli, who tragically passed in the helicopter crash with Kobe. They won that game 14-4 with 14 hits.
  • Notre Dame has the freshest all-green uniforms known to baseball.

              Speaking of uniforms, the all-powder blue jersey/pants combo is still in and always will be. Get used to a uniform watch here. Uniforms are an essential part of baseball. Quality uniforms should never get overlooked.

              The wild world of college baseball has newsworthy bombs, pitching performances, plays, and all types of performances on a weekly basis that don’t get the attention they deserve. Six Pack Coverage College Baseball will do its part to give the attention to those who earn it. If you want to share anything that should be highlighted, you can reach me on Twitter @JAchay97 or email me at Check back in for regular updates!

-Jordan Achay

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