By:  Tyler R

  Coach Ks Last Ride..

              With the high likes of Gonzaga again… in the running to win the Championship in which they have yet to do so. If anyone is the King of choking it is Gonzaga. Gonzaga will be in 99 percent of peoples parlays on Thursday vs Arkansas. So I am laying the plus 9 point spread that Arkansas is getting, that is just to many points. Arkansas could honestly upset them considering Gonzaga hasn’t covered the spread yet against either teams in the first two rounds.


              Duke is a team that is being mistreated and most people are counting them out. Last round against MSU was a statement round in my opinion, if they were going to get knocked it would of happened already. Instead, down by 5, with 5 mins to go they end up winning by 9. The Blue Devils are here to stay. I listened to the knuckleheads over on ESPN bash Duke for about an hour on how Davidson was going to upset MSU and take out Duke as well. I was so confused because at the beginning of the season they beat Kentucky and Gonzaga. It’s like they forgot how good Duke actually is?


              With so many teams to bet on, Duke definitely has the more amazing narrative. One final ride with Coach K, possibly one more game against their biggest rival UNC, and one more championship game… I am parlaying UNC and Duke ML (Money Line) this round and next round until they face each other in the Final Four. Both teams have been playing out of their minds, UNC knocked out last years champs (Baylor) and Duke having the talent and athleticism to beat any team left in the tournament. I am praying that we get one more big game from both teams in the Final 4! I have two future bets I gave out to our members in 100 Nights. If you don’t know what or who I’m talking about go give us a follow on Twitter @100sNights. One was for Duke to make the Final 4 and to win the Championship. We are counting down the the days. LETS GO DUKE!

              For my sports betting people. I hope you are using a bankroll system and are keeping track of your bets. I recommend having a set Bank Roll and a set Unit System. GAMBLE RESPONSIBLY!


$1000 Bank Roll

$25 Unit Size


Arkansas +9 (1 Unit)

PARLAY them in the Sweet 16

Duke & UNC ML (1Unit)


PARLAY them in the Elite 8 if they both make it (When the betting lines drop)

Duke & UNC ML (1Unit)

last ride

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