Celtics Warriors Game 4 Preview

If I’m being completely honest, I didn’t think the Boston Celtics would give the Golden State Warriors this much of a hassle just three games in to the Finals. Currently, The Celtics own a 2-1 lead over the Warriors heading back to TD Garden this evening.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve watched the majority of the playoffs this season and the Celtics have looked phenomenal. I’m definitely not discrediting them at all. I just believe that through the Finals experience of the Warriors and the team being led by future Hall of Famers Steph and Klay, helped by the nightly disruptor of Draymond, it could just be too much for the new threats of the Celtics to take down through a full series. Well, I was wrong. The Celtics sure as hell have held their own through the first few games.

Jason Tatum is completely cementing why he will be around the league for many more years to come. He’s a young star who has become the face of the Celtics. Their young core that compliments his abilities makes sense as to why they’ve come this far after starting off the season in a downwards direction. Yeah, the Boston Celtics have such a rich history but this era of the Celtics franchise is definitely viewed as new money.

For the Warriors, they have and know both what it takes to win a championship, but unfortunately, it seems that when their three-headed monster isn’t clicking, or they don’t have the random ‘go-off’ kind of night from one of their role players such as we saw from Jordan Poole in Game 2, they seem to lose the fuel to their fire, amplifying their biggest weaknesses. All of that was exposed during Game 3. Remind me of Alabama basketball; when they’re hot, they can beat anyone, but when they’re not, they can lose to nearly anyone. Living and dying by the three-point shot.

But, after three games, I’ve reevaluated my opinion and look for this series to go to as many games as it can, which I’m confident in going on record and saying that it will take six games – write that down – if not, then seven. At their peaks, I do believe the Warriors are the best team overall, but, the Celtics have what it takes to steal this championship away from the Warriors and alter the legacy of Steph Curry if the Warriors aren’t careful.

Tonight, the series heads back to Boston for Game 4, which will be followed by at Golden State for Game 5, then if needed, Game 6 in Boston and then Game 7 in Golden State. 

Let’s go Warriors.

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