college Football’s top 5

5 Michigan Wolverines (10-1)

Last Week’s Ranking: 7 Week 12: Michigan 59, Maryland 18 Week 13 Opponent: Ohio State

The Wolverines got the break they needed. Now, they have one game at home against Ohio State with a chance to finally break through in the Jim Harbaugh era. There aren’t a ton of amazing wins, but getting by Wisconsin and Penn State on the road – and being 10-1 – is enough to get here, but not over …

4 Oklahoma State Cowboys (10-1)

Last Week’s Ranking: 5 Week 12: Oklahoma State 23, Texas Tech 0 Week 13 Opponent: Oklahoma

Defense, defense, defense. Resumé-wise it’s all about the next two weeks against Oklahoma and then either in a rematch or against Baylor in the Big 12 Championship.

However, wins over Baylor, Kansas State, and Boise State are strong thanks to a defense that’s turned into a dominant force. The Cowboys have allowed just 23 points over the last four games and haven’t give up more than 24 all year.

3 Alabama Crimson Tide (10-1)

Last Week’s Ranking: 2 Week 12: Alabama 42, Arkansas 35 Week 13 Opponent: at Auburn

The rough performances against Arkansas and LSU are enough to move them down a slot, but whatever. Beat Auburn, beat Georgia, and everything will be just fine. Considering how amazingly deep the SEC is this year, just winning the West is impressive enough.

2 Ohio State Buckeyes (10-1)

Last Week’s Ranking: 4 Week 12: Ohio State 56, Michigan State 7 Week 13 Opponent: at Michigan

Yeah, the passing game went against the worst pass defense in college football, but that was still breathtaking. The offense is obliterating everyone, and the defense shut down Michigan State cold. At the very least, we might have our answer to who might be able to hang with …

1 Georgia Bulldogs (11-0)

Last Week’s Ranking: 1 Week 12: Georgia 56, Charleston Southern 7 Week 13 Opponent: at Georgia Tech

One more light scrimmage and then it’s Game On. It’s becoming fashionable to dog the schedule without a truly amazing win, but Clemson might win ten games, rocking Arkansas is good, and wins over at least eight bowl bound teams is more than good enough.

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