Bucs Vs. Cardinals

bucs vs. Cardinals

By: Alyssa

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be playing the Arizona Cardinals this upcoming Sunday, December 25th. The Cardinals low record of (4-10) and their loss against the Broncos in week 15, their playoff chances are already gone. However, Christmas Day will mark third-string quarterback Trace McSorley’s first-ever NFL start playing against the greatest quarterback of all time, Tom Brady.

Many Bucs fans anticipate Sunday’s game to be an automatic win, and it can happen if the Bucs offense and defense play the way they did in the first half of the Bengals game. This season by no means has been easy for the Bucs with the number of injuries the team has endured. The Bucs are already without Jamel Dean and Vita Vea, but have good news about Tristan Wirfs. Wirfs has stated that he plans to be ready to play Sunday, and if he does not play this week, he will certainly be prepared to play in the final two games and, hopefully, the playoffs. Wirfs in the game Sunday could have a huge effect on how the Bucs play and even give the team a boost of confidence that they need to finish this season strong.

Mike Evans possibly could have a takeover as he is up against the 23rd-ranked defense in the NFL and is only 112 yards away from hitting 1,000, which could lead to his ninth straight season since his start.

The Buccaneers have something to gain if they win Sunday’s game, which would enhance their playoff chances as they hold a half-game lead over the NFC South. While the only gain for the Cardinals is decreasing their draft picks for 2023. The next three games for the Bucs are do or die; otherwise their playoff chances are doomed.

This season has been Tom Brady’s worst as he has never lost eight games, which is unlike the ultimate Super Bowl Champ. Brady has never committed four turnovers in a single half as he did during the Bengals game.

Sunday’s game could be where the Bucs come alive and show out the team they have been the past couple of years. This could be the best Christmas present for Bucs fans if the team gives it all they have. The Bucs also need to wrap up the NFC South and take on a run, especially against third-string quarterback Trace McSorley which should not be a problem since it is not Brock Purdy.

The Bucs are battling to finish the season with a (9-8) record and the NFC South title before the season ends. The Bucs have an advantage over the Cardinals regarding their offense. If the Bucs see open targets and find ways to cut Sunday’s game could be a remarkable comeback.  


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