Bucs Vs. Bengals

bucs vs. bengals

By: Alyssa

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers enter week 15 hosting the high flying Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, December 18th. With the Bucs embarrassing loss against the 49ers they are looking for any opportunity to get the offense and defense to come together and play as the contenders they are supposed to be.

Head Coach Todd Bowles had shared his thoughts on facing quarterback Joe Burrow heading into Sunday’s game. Bowles stated, “he throws a great ball all over the field and he can throw it any angle, he can make any throw, he has some great receivers to throw to, he has a great understanding of the game as he can run the ball, thow open into the field, and use his feet.”

The Bengals have some talented receivers that will be ready to play Sunday as they strive for the number one spot in the AFC North. The Bengals are currently tied with the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC North with a record of (9-4).

The Buccaneers stand first in the NFC South with a (6-7) record in which if they upset the Bengals this Sunday could lead to a possible run in the season. The Bucs defense has a tough assignment as they face Bengals top scoring wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase while one of the starting cornerbacks Jamel Dean is out.

My predictions for the Bucs vs. the Bengals game is that the Bucs offense will bounce back from their 35-7 loss last Sunday and upset the Bengals with a 30-21 win. The way the Bucs played last week surely had an effect on this week’s practice as the offense and defense both need to find the plays that will work best if they want to enhance their playoff chances.

The Bucs best case scenario would be NFC South Champions in the 4th seed leaving them to host the first round playoff game vs. the Dallas Cowboys. This would be a rematch from the 19-3 win during week 1.


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