3 Best Bicep Exercises for Building Serious Mass

3 Best Bicep Exercises for Building Serious Mass

  1. EZ Bar Spider Curl

              The first bicep exercise is the EZ bar spider curl. This is a little double dip for the biceps and back that are chest-supported, because it eliminates your ability to swing and use momentum. As a result, all the tension from the exercise is placed directly on the target muscle group. Start with your arms hanging and your elbows fully extended. Wherever your elbows are naturally at the beginning of the exercise, keep them locked in as you perform the range of motion. Squeeze at the top of the movement, lower slowly and get a good stretch at the bottom of the exercise. Perform 3-4 working sets leaving one rep in reserve each set.

2.  Preacher Curls

              The second exercise to build big biceps is the basic preacher curl. However, use a slight variation when executing the movement. For the first 8 reps, you should perform a full range of motion. For the second 8 reps, lean over the preacher machine and focus on the top range contraction. Grab the bar with a wider grip. Make sure your elbows keep contact with the pad throughout the movement. Perform 4 sets of 16 (8 full reps, 8 partial reps).

3. Hammer Curl

              The final exercise on the list of mass building bicep exercises is the hammer curl. For these, you  perform them cross-body style, reaching towards the far pec with the weight at the top of the movement. Perform 2 working sets to near failure and then a final set as a pyramid drop set to failure.

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