By: Michelle Mehok

Let The Trades Begin!

Just when we thought it would never end, the MLB lockout is finally over! With the regular season now set to start on April 7th, this means that free-agent signings and trades can officially begin again. 

99 long days later, Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association finally came to an agreement on a new CBA Thursday afternoon. With spring training camps now set to open this weekend, the next few hours are crucial for the industry side of the game. This means today we will be seeing a ton of moves that teams have desperately been waiting to make. 

The biggest names to be looking out for today that have yet to sign are Kris Bryant, Carlos Correa, and Freddie Freeman. While there are nearly fifty additional significant player deals to be made and roughly two-hundred free-agent deals, those three are the last of the “top ten” players to be settled into a new deal. Rumors have started flying that the Cubs are favored to land Correa, but the Yankees and Astros aren’t giving up just yet, so keep your eyes peeled. 

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