Active Players in Top-Ten Status

By: Tres T

With the NBA season ending well over five weeks ago, and the official tip of the season not starting for another 12 plus weeks, content around the league has all but died unless you’re keeping up with their social medias or discussing the Summer League. So, I’m trying my best to create content that should interest many. I wanted to dive deep into the stat books and see which active players currently are leading the way in climbing the all-time ranks in the major stat categories as they look to have many more years left in the tank to keep building.

I’m looking specifically at active players who have made their ways into top-ten status within the major stat categories.

Points: There are currently two active players inside the top-ten in scoring all-time, with those two being LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony. LeBron is second with 37,062 points behind Kareem Abdul-Jabbar who has 38,387. Carmelo is ninth on the list with 28,289 points, just trailing Shaquille O’Neal by 307 points.

Rebounds: Dwight Howard is currently the only active player inside the top-ten in rebounds, as he is tenth all-time with 14,627 boards. He trails Kevin Garnett by 35.

Assists: Chris Paul and LeBron James make up the only active players inside the top-ten in assists, with Chris Paul at third all-time with 10,977 assists, just trailing Jason Kidd by 1,114 assists.

Steals: Chris Paul and LeBron James, coincidentally the two who were in the assists category together, also make up the only two active players in the top-ten of steals list. Chris Paul is fourth with 2,453 steals just trailing Michael Jordan by 61. LeBron James, who has 2,136 steals all-time ranking tenth on the list, just trails Hakeem Olajuwon by 26.

Blocks: No current active player has made it inside the top-ten list all-time in blocks.

Field Goals Made: LeBron James is the only active player on this list inside the top-ten with 26,825 made field goals, ranking second all-time behind Kareem Abdul Jabbar by 1,482.

It’s apparent that LeBron James consistent level of production over his 18 full seasons of professional basketball has catapulted him into some of the highest ranks this game has ever seen. The fact that he still has a few more years left in the tank will be a site to see on terms of where he ranks in all the major statistical categories all-time once he finally retires. With the new science being used in today’s game to take care of their bodies, and the ridiculous amounts of money players are making nowadays, we’re seeing new levels of talent because these athletes are able to put their bodies through so much more for so much longer. It’s truly amazing how they’re able to recover and do it again the next day.

You’d have to think he (LeBron James)  knows where his current ranks are, and could be trying to reach further into his arsenal to stay competing until he takes the first spot in those stats before he finally calls it a quits. I mean, no one plays to just be top-five all-time. The competitive drive behind these players will have them fighting for the throne no matter what it takes to get there.

Active Players In Top-Ten Status Of Stat Categories

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