By: Dane Hoover

         They’ve done it, the Philadelphia Eagles have tied their record for undefeated streak at the beginning of a season of 7-0. However, can they beat the record this Thursday against the Houston Texans. I believe it’s going to be a walk in the park.

            Right now, the entire city of Philadelphia is rallying behind their sports teams, especially the Phillies being up 2-1 in the world series, and the leaderboard topping Eagles. Philly fans are beyond hype and riding with their teams knowing the Eagles can make franchise history next game. As the Texans are one of if not the worst teams in the entire NFL right now. Only scoring 116 points this season, the lowest of any team in the league.

            But Philly sport fans know too well how we can lose to bad if not downright horrible teams whether it’s the Eagles, Phillies, Sixers, or Flyers it happened to all of them more times than it should. But the Eagles are still set on victory regardless of who they play. Especially for Jalen Hurts who will be playing his hometown team, growing up in Houston. He’s not there to visit old friends, he’s there for business.

             “I’ve spent a lot of time in that city, my childhood, growing up in Houston. Going to watch the Texans play. Being in the Texans facility as a kid. Going to watch high school playoff games in that stadium, and not having an opportunity to ever play in it. But I have an opportunity this week. And I’m looking forward to playing back home. It’ll be fun.” Hurts said after last Sunday’s demolishing win against the Pittsburg Steelers.

            Speaking of last game against the Steelers, Hurts performed at the incredible level he played at earlier in the season. Throwing for 285 yards in 19 passes and season high four touchdowns thanks to another beautiful performance by AJ Brown who received three out of four of Hurts passing touchdowns. Hurts would end up getting pulled from the game due to the offense eviscerating the Steelers defense, he would also record his best passer rating so far this season with a 140.6.

            I can confidently say that the Texans aren’t going to be the ones to end the Eagles undefeated streak, and especially if the Phillies win the world series, the Eagles and the other Philly sports teams will have the energy and drive to last an entire season. So with all that said, Go Birds and Go Phils!


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