10 Must-Try Variations For Bigger, Stronger Legs

10 Must-Try Lunge Variations For Bigger, Stronger Legs

              The lunge is one of the most powerful categories of lower body movements. It has the ability to simultaneously stimulate hamstring, gluteal and quadriceps musculature. Integrating synergistic contractions of both agonist and antagonist lower body musculature trains an individual to be more athletic, not to mention the fact that it generates a huge amount of tension andf potential for muscle growth and hypertrophy.

              Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. The lunge can be completed with no external equipment and in the smallest of spaces. Variation can easily be added to the lunge by both manipulating the closed-chain foot position along with the upper body and core positioning.

With so many options in variation, an emphasis can be placed on almost any specific muscle group(s) of the lower body that you feel need a little more work to reach your training goals. Variation can also keep things fresh and keep you progressing while training the same primitive movement pattern.

              The lunge is also a loaded movement that can be progressed over the long haul. In the world of strength and conditioning, progressive overload is king. The lunge provides the necessary makeup for the backbone of lower body strength and hypertrophy development, and will be able to provide a training stimulus for years to come.

Check out the MUST DO Variations for some truly tree trunk legs.

#1 – Barbell Split Squat: Static

#2 – Bulgarian Split Squat (On Bar): Static

#3 – Alternating Forward Lunge: Forward

#4 – Alternating Reverse Lunge: Reverse

#5 – Alternating Reverse Lunge (Goblet Position): Reverse

#6 – Dumbbell Walking Lunges: Walking

#7 – Lateral Lunge: Side

#8 – Lateral Lunge (Goblet Position): Side

#9 – Split Squat Jump: Plyometric

#10 – Alternating Split Squat Jump: Plyometric

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